• Hi! I’m Elle.


    I'm dedicated to helping you work, play, and live abroad, so that you can visit every place on your bucket list - without giving up income or financial stability.


    You can start by downloading Work from Anywhere,

    my free guide that teaches you three sustainable and lucrative ways to take your work on the road.


    If you want to dive even deeper, 90 Days to Round the Word Travel, my step-by-step guide to starting your new life abroad in the next 3 months, is available now as a 1:1 coaching program or a course.


    Even if a travel-based lifestyle and financial independence aren't priorities right now, I can help you level up and perform at the top of your game, so that you can approach your career and lifestyle from a place of abundance. I focus on:

    • Mastering Your Money
    • Mastering Your Mind and Mental Performance
    • Mastering Your Craft

    The premise is simple: if you become part of the top 5% (or even 15%) of performers in your field, you can unlock an endless amount of hidden opportunities.

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