• Hi! I’m Elle.


    I help people create their ideal lifestyles.


    Is your ideal life filled with travel? You don't need to quit your job to travel the world. I can show you how to work, live and play abroad so that you can visit every place on your bucket list - without sacrificing your income or financial stability.


    You can start by downloading Work from Anywhere, my free guide that teaches you three sustainable and lucrative ways to take your work on the road.


    If you want to dive even deeper, How to Build a Life Abroad and Travel the World: The Course, is available for preorder now.

  • About Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy


    Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy helps you create your ideal life by becoming a master of your craft, your mindset and your money. We share strategies learned from big thinkers and top achievers all around the world - across fields- and translate their insight into advice that you can act on.


    Our premise is simple: Becoming a Big Thinker will stretch you into dreaming up alternative and unconventional approaches to living. Becoming a High Achiever in your field will allow you to unlock invisible opportunities that will help you build autonomy, flexibility and design your life – whether it's designed around meaningful work, experiencing more travel, or creating a sense of fulfillment, freedom and financial independence.


  • What's Coming Up

    We're releasing courses and blog material that will teach you:


    How to Travel the World and Build a Life Abroad

    How to Semi-Retire for Less Work and More Life

    How to Accomplish A Year's Worth of Projects in 1/4 of the Time

    The Mindset of Winners & Strategies of Top Achievers

    How to Build a Flexible Career & Harness the Benefits of Financial Independence

    How to Create a Roadmap for Early Retirement



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