• About Elle

    I'm Elle, and I created Happy, Healthy and Almost Wealthy because it's my life mission to use scientific insights to help people start living their most fulfilled and meaningful lives, achieve their wildest ambitions, and build a life abundant with happiness, health and wealth, whatever that looks like, for them.

  • Semi-Retired. Semi-Nomadic. Fixated on the Remarkable.

    The foundation of this legacy project was developed and continuously refined as I was studying Psychology, Education and Business at UNC, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard. I was able to work in internationally-awarded research labs, and contribute to the creation of new insights on holistic health, positive and organizational psychology, and the most effective methods for teaching and learning. I was able to implement and test these insights as a Management Consultant at top-tier firms, before quitting my corporate career to build Better Living with Design while traveling the world.


    Better Living with Design lies at the intersection of all of my passions: teaching people how to find happiness and fulfillment; optimizing your psychology to do your best work; using behavioral psychology to earn and invest your way to wealth; and leveraging wealth and freedom to create a life that is meaningful, remarkable and uniquely for you.


    Better Living with Design includes:

    Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy for creating a remarkable life

    smartwork.greatwork for creating remarkable work & workplaces

    intentions. for planning a remarkable year (Fall 2018)

    INSPIRE media for remarkable travel (2019)



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