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I feel like I'm retired.

"Wealth is knowing what is enough." - Tao Te Ching

I don't use an alarm clock. I usually roll over at some point between 8 am and 10 am and start my day at a leisurely pace. Most days, I do a series of personal practices and routines over tea before diving into the day.

I don't have a commute. Besides the fact that I’m semi-retired and only work part-time, even when I do work it’s from my laptop. No sitting in traffic. No jamming onto a subway. No waiting for a bus.

I structure the day the way that I want to. Sometimes I plan my day around a project. Sometimes its planned around an activity. Like a few weeks back, I wanted to photograph Serralves Foundation before it got crowded so I went around 10am and stayed until 3 to avoid the evening rush (10am is early in Portugal).

I have the freedom to be virtually anywhere and I travel as much as I want – I’ve built Better Living with Design across 10+ countries and counting (this was written from Portugal).

I don't work with anyone that I don't like, or on any projects that I don't want to. I’ve gotten much, much better at letting go of relationships that aren't well-aligned.

I choose how to structure my work, and right now, I limit it to 1-2 days a week.

I keep the other days open for creative expression.

But I have the time, freedom, resources and flexibility to craft my life in the most fulfilling and meaningful way.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, and $70M was in my account by the end of week, my life wouldn’t look very different.

I would throw more money at existing projects, but I would be in the same place and I would spend my time doing the same things.

That’s because I’ve planned with the end in mind and actively chosen to live in a way and work in a way that I would if money wasn’t a factor – which lets me realize when I have “enough” and frees me from taking on money for money’s sake. The understanding that more money won’t really change anything is what allows me to say yes only when it makes sense and only when I’m enthusiastic about it.

And the feeling of Having Enough is priceless.

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