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Manifest, Affirm, and Do the Work: How To Get Big Things Done

Go from dreaming to doing

Do you know those people who are constantly begging for “motivation” and “inspiration” and put absolutely no action behind it? Someone like this:

  • They're all about the motivational posts on social media but never follow it with even the smallest of actions.
  • They always talk about the hustle and grind, but don’t seem to do much of either.
  • They definitely talk about their plans - but rarely take even the smallest step to start it.

And what do they have to show beyond their motivation posts? Nothing. It's empty talk - because it feels good to talk about what you want to do. And it's easier to talk than to actually do it.

Let me be clear: motivation and inspiration have their place, and people who look to spread it (as opposed to using the absence of it as an excuse or crutch) are amazing, positive people in my book. You don’t need to be a massive success on the first try.

But you need to stop waiting for inspiration and motivation to strike, and just put something out there.

Anything. Even if it’s terrible. In fact, especially if it’s terrible, so you can quickly get feedback and iterate instead of wasting more time on a bad idea.

Simply taking action and following through on what you claim you want to do sets you apart from 90% of people. How many people do you know who say “I should really….” Or “I really want to…” but... never do it?

I know someone who has been "wanting to write a book." For years. They haven't even done so much as open a Word document to start an outline. Every time I talk to them, it's another excuse: "My computer is broken" "IT is busy" "I'm so tired"



I’m a regular practitioner of manifestations and affirmations. In fact, I’m even launching an annual planner this fall to help take people from manifesting their best life, to breaking down the big goals, into small, actionable steps in order to completely transform their life in a year.

And you know who my target was for this product? ME. I made it for myself, and it helped me:

  • Become a top-ranked consultant at two top-tier/award-winning firms and complete dozens of successful engagements for major companies 
  • Attend grad school at Johns Hopkins and Harvard University
  • Launch 4 businesses from scratch
  • Live and travel throughout 10+ countries and 25+ cities in the past 6 months
  • Write a book
  • Help build a thriving nonprofit from the ground-up

Only after seeing the results it got me, and testing it with some of my personal network to test their results, did I decide to redesign it to launch it as an actual product. It's strategy-focused, instead of tactics-focused. You won't find any daily to-do lists or spaces for appointments. It's for making sure that you're working on the most important actions that will actually move the needle.

My point is not to dismiss the critical spiritual and mental work: it is necessary and powerful to set a vision for the outcomes you want to see, and I believe that you should be mindful about the intentions that you set out into the universe. Neuroscience backs the general sentiment: we are actually capable of wiring and training your brain for optimism and positive outcomes.

But don't forget that after the manifestations, after the affirmation and visualization: you have to do the actual work, too.

And be compassionate with yourself while you're doing it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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