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Manifesting an Ideal 2019

My five-year goals could use a sprinkle more ambition.

I was editing my book page when I realized that I’ve effectively achieved a version of (or a fraction of) my most important five-year goals within the past year alone.

  • I’ve started the beginning stages of customizing a home.
  • I've built a business that transforms the way that people approach living and working through the strategic use of positive psychology, recently designing a series of courses for a large global university and producing materials that have been published in a number of major publications.
  • To date, I can either read, speak or demonstrate some other functional use of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Korean, amongst others (at varying levels).
  • I’ve built my business while simultaneously living in Mexico, Qatar, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece.
  • I’ve continued traditional and nontraditional modes of learning and have continued making progress towards my graduate education and advanced certifications.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this because I visualized it, I documented it, and it happened.

I told the Universe exactly what I wanted and I received it.

Now, I know that other factors went into these milestones, like doing the work.

But something powerful happens when you claim and declare, with precision, the things and experiences that you want.

First, you’re telling the Universe that you’re open to it. You’re allowing everything that is not aligned to fall away which makes room for new experiences.

But you’re also telling a community - a community who will connect you with resources or opportunities that they come across that make it easier to reach those goals.

By declaring what you want to manifest - visualizing it, speaking it, writing it - you are training your mind to expect it.

By training your mind to expect it, you eventually begin feeling and acting as if you already have it. And by doing the things that you would do if you had it, you become it.

I've talked about the power of Have, Do, Be before.

If you call yourself an "aspiring writer" you might waste your time with non-writing activities. You give yourself permission to struggle. But what happens when you say to yourself "I’m a best-selling author. What would a best-selling author do today?" You write. And edit. And write more. And research. And write more. You write every single day. And by doing the things that a world-class author would do, you become a world-class author.

I've even applied this to my business. When I considered myself a start-up or aspiring entrepreneur, I let myself waste time. Skip sleep. "Hustle" and "grind" past the point of productivity. Accept scraps and low-quality clients. But when I reframed to: "I'm a seven-figure business owner. What would a seven-figure business owner & CEO focus on?" everything changed. Seven-figure CEOs focus on strategy - not tactics. They don't waste their time with low-value clients. They make sure that they take care of their body and brains and get enough sleep, activity, and nourishment so they can start the day sharp and primed for top-tier decision-making.

Treating the present day as if you have already manifested your desires is powerful - because how you practice is how you play and the best predictors of future habits are present habits.

With that, I’m declaring what I’m receiving throughout the rest of 2019.

  • I’m going to publish my first course and write my first book (and publish several other large bodies of work).
  • I’m going to island-hop through Southern Europe and the Caribbean (currently writing from a small island in Greece).
  • I’m going to finish several certifications that I’ve been working on (Data Science, Positive Psychology Counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and General Counseling) and continue progress in graduate school.
  • I’m going to move to China / Hong Kong this Fall, which will be my new travel base, indefinitely, and I am going to create a beautifully decorated living space with art and plants. With that, I’m also going to learn Mandarin, build a deeply connected community, and pick up a variety of learning pursuits and activities in the area (like fashion & design, new art mediums, and Traditional Chinese Medicine).
  • I’m going to continue my teaching career, by designing and teaching my own custom courses in a broader way, including at the University-level.
  • I’m going to create the foundation and roadmap for INSPIRE, my emerging travel media venture.
  • I’m going to expand the impact of my current ventures - including creating the foundation of a research lab section of Better Living with Design.

And on a more personal level:

  • I’m going to deepen and strengthen my connections with other people - and forge new intimate relationships.
  • I’m going to surrender to the will of the Universe and receive anything else that it wants me to Have - including things that my mind hasn't even conceived yet. 
  • I'm going to engage more deeply with some of my self-discovery and self-differentiation practices.

The foundation of Flourishing is self-actualization which is a form of reaching the highest level of your potential on an internal and external basis. Only 2% of the population ever actualizes this, and I want to continue that journey and discovery. If Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy is about what you achieve and accomplish, Flourishing. is about who you are and how you feel. It’s one of my most exciting projects and I’m excited to work on it, and eventually, share it with you so you can forge your own paths of self-actualization.

Now I've said it - and so it'll Be.

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