• What if every day felt like Saturday?



    Picture this:


    The sun peeks through the curtains. You stir awake, taking a few moments to adjust to the light before you reach for your phone on the nightstand, and lay in bed, scrolling through Instagram. It’s 9:37am.


    1,247 notifications. Nice. Mostly likes, “😍” and “😩” on the last picture you posted from your visit to Bali last week, and DM requests. You respond to a few comments from your friends before getting out of bed.


    You stroll into the bathroom to take a long shower, before throwing on a sundress and sandals to head to your favorite neighborhood cafe.


    “Buenos dias! Como estas?” the barista greets you.


    “Buenos dias! Bien! Y tu?” You respond. You’ve been practicing the local language in every country you’ve visited. Mexico makes your 8th country this year, with this being your second visit in 6 months. You stopped by again on your way back from your visit home to the US.


    “Muy bien! Gracias, senorita. El latte canelo?” She confirms your standard order. You affirm and pay, before settling outside on the swing bench. It is a gorgeous 84 degrees.


    It’s 10:12am. You open your priority list for the day, pausing to admire the perfectly roasted espresso.


    • Select your favorites from the photos that the photographer sent, and forward to your social media assistant to curate feed for rest of the month.
    • Edit blog post on “How to Stay Beautiful in Bali” before publishing.
    • Direct your assistant on how to respond to your latest pitch offers from large travel publications.


    Simple enough. Your assistant and outsourced staff manages 90% of the details, freeing you up to focus on the elements of your business that you adore.


    You review the most recent reports from your accounting software: $16,453 in revenue last week.


    With another successful month, and your business practically on auto-pilot, the hardest part of your day is determining what your late afternoon will look like: Salsa dancing or tequila tasting? Swimming or scuba? And where to travel next month?


    Salsa, Scuba and Sweden, you determine, in that order. After all, time is abundant. You can always do the next thing another day.



    Maybe this isn’t your fantasy: maybe it's too much travel, or maybe you don’t even like writing. Perhaps your Dream Life involves being able to go to brunch with your friends as often as you want and an active nightlife. Or being able to donate to every single charity to pulls at your heartstrings.


    Either way, the premise is the same: total financial freedom and the opportunity to craft and live your perfect day, every day.


    If you’re not a morning person, you won’t have to sit in traffic for 45 miserable minutes of to make it to the office by 8:30am, just to do it again in reverse, 9 hours later, before coming home, scrambling to find something eat, and blanking out on the couch in front of Netflix with a glass of wine.


    If you work best in cycles of sprints with downtime, you can create that life too, instead of sitting at your desk for an arbitrary number of hours on set days of the week.


    If you've always dreamed of having a gorgeous wardrobe and a bustling social calendar in a major city, you can have that.


    What we strive for at Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy is to help you to create your most free and fulfilling life, whatever that means to you.


    For some of our clients, that means traditional full-time employment with rich charitable contributions to their favorite causes and exotic vacations a few times a year.


    For others, it’s the creation of their own fulfilling businesses.


    And for many more, it means a life of semi-retirement or part-time working, leaving them abundant time to pursue their passions without the pressure of monetization.


    Either way, there is a solution for everyone, just waiting to be uncovered.

    Do these sound familiar? You’re probably...


    • Struggling to save money and invest without being on a tight, unrealistic budget.
    • Frustrated because you feel like your money is gone before you even get paid.
    • Underwhelmed: There has to be more meaning to life than working, paying bills and living for the weekends and a few weeks of vacation.
    These seem impossible. The truth is… all this stress is leaving you feeling burnt-out and hopeless; the frustration of never having enough money and time breeds an attitude that makes saving and healthy living seem pointless, and makes wealth seem like an unattainable dream. If it's impossible, we might as well live it up while we can, right?

    Introducing The Dream Life Blueprint: the solution for people who want to live life on their terms and create the freedom to play harder than they work.


    You deserve to:

    • Do the things that you want to everyday, and not just on the weekends.
    • Not have to stress or worry about money and bills.
    • Plan the life of your dreams and then start living it - today, and not when you're 75.
    You can achieve all of these things with a lifestyle and mindset adjustment, and a customized plan of action.

    Ready to get started?


    At Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy, we work with clients at the strategic level, using their own desires and inputs (+ some behavioral finance, investment theory, and positive science) to design (and help them execute) their Dream Life.


    We’ve worked with dozen of clients around the country, at the individual and organizational-level to define, design and teach the proven principles that go into creating a Dream Life. We’re excited to expand our scope to anyone in the world with internet access.


    This four-week program includes 4 modules and accompanying worksheets. There could be hours and hours and hours of material on this content, but we've distilled it down to the most essential learnings -- so you can apply them immediately instead of weighing options.

  • What the Modules Cover


    Abundance Mindset


    Increasing Cash Flow


    Investing Strategy



  • Launching in Fall 2018, the investment for "The Dream Life Blueprint" is $97.

    Not sure if this is right for you? Reach out to me at elle@happyhealthyandalmostwealthy.com



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    Elle helps busy and ambitious young people design and live their Dream Life with a focus on wealth-building as a means to unlock freedom and creativity. She started this website as a student at Harvard, and grew it to a comprehensive resource called "Better Living with Design." As a trained researcher, consultant, and evidence-based practitioner, Elle has coached hundreds of people across dozens of industries to a state of personal and organizational improvement. For more information, email elle@happyhealthyandalmostwealthy.com

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