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    Check out the full suite of courses and books we offer on money, work and psychology.

    How to Work, Live and Play Abroad

    Your complete guide to becoming a digital nomad and working from anywhere, checking off items on your bucket list, and exploring the globe.

    A Guide for Living the Life of Your Dreams While You’re Still in Your Prime​

    More than a book on investment strategies, this is an exercise and how-to guide for dreaming big and living bigger.

    Retired at 35

    How to Retire in 10 Years

    The complete course on using index investing and strategy to go from 0 to retired in the span of a decade.


    Available 2020

    Work Less to Live More

    Semi-Retire in 365 Days

    Drop your work to half-time to make more memories without giving up full retirement.


    Available 2020

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