• Finally, a stable and sustainable way to build a life abroad and travel the world - without giving up your financial security

    And no, you won't have to: start your own business, join a service mission in exchange for room & board, or become a travel blogger

    Picture This:

    It’s a year from now. The sun peeks through your curtains. You slowly wake up, taking a few minutes to adjust to the light before you reach for your phone on the nightstand, and lay in bed, scrolling through Instagram. It’s 9:37am.


    You have a million Instagram notifications - mostly likes, “😍” and “😩” on the last picture you posted from your visit to the Blue Lagoons in Iceland last month, and a few DM requests. You respond to a few comments from your friends before getting out of bed and walking out onto the balcony to dip your toes into your private pool.


    You've spent the past 6 weeks at a beachside villa in Bali. It's a sunny 84 degrees, with the slightest breeze. After you get dressed, you head to the cafe that makes your favorite iced caramel macchiato. Hint of vanilla.


    10:12am. You open your priority list for the day.

    • Select your favorites from the pictures that the photographer sent, and curate your feed for the rest of the week.
    • Finish the final edits for an article you're writing. 
    • Jump on a call with a new potential client.

    Simple enough. Your systems manage 90% of the details, freeing you up to focus on the elements of your business that you love, like writing, planning photo shoots and working with new people.


    With your work essentially on auto-pilot, the hardest part of your day is figuring out what you want to do this afternoon: Swimming or scuba? Rice fields or riding through the jungle on your motorbike? And where to go next month?


    Scuba, Rice Fields, and Spain, you decide, in that order. After all, time is abundant. You can always do the next thing another day.

    Maybe this isn’t your fantasy.


    Maybe you hate writing.


    Maybe you don't like working with clients.


    Maybe your ideal travel lifestyle is being able to take one, wild, unforgettable trip to an island every year with your friends.


    Or being able to pick a country to live in for a year, so you can get to know their customs, traditions, and language.


    Or backpacking through Europe or South America and seeing a new country every week.


    Either way, the premise is the same: the opportunity to craft your perfect workday, every day, while crossing off all the destinations on your bucket list.


    If you’re not a morning person, you won’t have to sit in traffic for 45 miserable minutes of to make it to the office by 8:30 am, just to do it again in reverse, 9 hours later, before coming home, scrambling to find something eat, and binge-watching Netflix for the next 5 hours with a glass of wine.


    If you work best in cycles of sprints with downtime, you can create that life too, instead of sitting at your desk for an arbitrary number of hours on set days of the week.


    If you work best alternating work and play throughout the day, you can have it.


    Whatever the goal is, you can be closer to it within the next 12 weeks.

  • Hi! I'm Elle, and I'm a full-time traveler.

    I'm semi-nomadic, semi-retired, and I haven't given up any of my financial stability or career growth to get here.

    How? I've created a system for non-stop, around the world travel, indefinitely.

  • I don't rely on a trust fund, or a sugar daddy, and I'm not an "influencer" or travel blogger.


    I quit my Dream Job and created my own: Now, I only work on projects that excite me so much that I have to force myself to go to sleep at night.


    And since I've created a life that I don't need a vacation from, I can balance work and play -- so I don't waste beautiful days stuck in coffee shops, glued to my laptop.

  • I know how it feels - jealously scrolling through Instagram wondering how it was possible that everyone in the world went to Santorini that year. And how does everyone have so much time off? And who takes all of these gorgeous photos? I was convinced that nonstop travel (or at least really really frequent travel) was only for super rich kids who could spend their parent's money and influencers with 100k followers.


    But that's not true.


    In the span of 12 weeks, I completely changed my life.


    We tend to overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year.


    One random day in November, I decided, in the middle of the night, that I wanted to move to Asia. Specifically: Thailand. Even more specifically: Chiang Mai. Had I ever been there? Nope. But everyone said it was cool, and I had never had a bad time anywhere.


    I was dying of boredom - with my work, my neighborhood and even more – I couldn’t understand why everyone around me seemed okay with settling. After working to advance my career for years, I was left feeling underwhelmed: "is this all there is?"


    I knew that I should be striving for more that just "doing a really great job at work." I was frustrated because I had other passion projects, and if I wanted to work on them, I had to sacrifice sleep. I was exhausted from trying to balance family commitments, friends, and trying to be the perfect domestic goddess who cooks every meal from scratch and keeps a perfect home. I was burnt-out on happy hours and schmoozing and face-time.


    I was ready for the next part of my journey...but I had a million questions to figure out.


    How could I leave to go follow my dreams without risking my financial security?

    How could I quit and still leave my network in tact?

    How could I create a fail-proof system, and then 5 more back-up plans just in case?

    And how could I avoid starting from scratch if I wanted to come back?


    I dedicated the rest of year, and most of the next year, to answering these questions. I spent thousands of dollars on consulting and experts to advise me and help me create a roadmap, and hundreds of hours absorbing all the information I could. I cold-emailed people, I interviewed people, I listened to every good podcast on the topic, and I read every (valuable) article. I also filtered through a lot of trash and scams and empty filler material.


    Only 12 weeks later, I made the leap. I gave away most of my things (R.I.P. books), packed everything into one suitcase, and booked a one-way flight to Bali, Indonesia (not even Thailand - I know. I'm annoying).


    Over the next year, I lived in almost 12 different countries, and not only did I not spend a dime of my savings - I have more money than when I left.


    But more important than that, I have a totally different perception about what's realistic and what's not.


    I've built a sustainable system to work and travel and live FOREVER, if I want to, while still retiring early (I love work way too much to actually retire but it's nice to have options), and living virtually wherever I want, for however long I want, while only working part-time. Like, part-part-time. Like, 10 hours a week.


    But what was more astounding were all of the assumptions I had that were completely wrong:


    • I've discovered that I wasn't "throwing my career away" - quite the opposite. My firm actually offered me:
      • 100% remote employment
      • a sabbatical
      • another bonus
      • another raise
      • and (once I declined) freedom to come back whenever I wanted, at the salary of my choice. 


    This only strengthened my need to go solo: I made my firm over half a million dollars in 11 months. Surely, I could make myself a million dollars in a couple of years.


    My clients offered up jobs on any given team of theirs whenever I return. And I still get offers from strategy firms on LinkedIn to this day.


    But most importantly, I've discovered a completely new way of life:


    • I've discovered that life outside the US, despite fear-mongering, is actually really pleasant.


    • I've discovered that loneliness shouldn't be feared- there are expat communities everywhere I go, and even barbers and braiding shops (In fact, my social calendar is too full. I  turn down invites constantly).


    • I've discovered that the best part of semi-retirement is not the absence of work, but the addition of meaningful work. I feel ridiculously blessed that I get to work on projects every single day that excite me, and say no to whatever doesn't.


    • With 195 countries in the world, I realized that I didn't have to settle for a quick "Round-the-World" trip for a year or two - I could do this forever. I also realized that actually, 10 countries in one year is exhausting, and I get the most out of the experience when I slow down and stay in a place for at least three months and truly make connections with a community.


    After fielding dozens, if not hundreds of questions, I designed this course and this service because I want to personally work with you to design a system that works best for you. Because we all deserve to live the life of our dreams. After our time together, you’ll be completely equipped to start your new life abroad – indefinitely.


    I’m sharing the details of everything from logistics (where will I send my mail? how can I keep my phone service?), destinations (where are the best places to go?), finding housing in another country, and of course: work and money.





    How to Build a Life Abroad and Travel the World


    Month 1: Dream

    • Design Your Dream Life
    • Make Money by Traveling through Geo-Arbitrage: Destinations and Costs
    • Set a Target Income
    • Fear-Setting: What is the opportunity cost of not chasing your dreams?


    Month 2: Strategize


    • Going Remote at Your Current Job 
    • Finding a New Remote Job
    • Starting a New Career Abroad
    • Freelancing


    Month 3: Execute

    • How to Manage the Logistics of Constant Travel 
    • Moving: Getting Out of Your Lease, Visas, What to Bring, Phone & Wifi, How to Receive Mail
    • Arriving: Health Insurance, Securing an Apartment, Bank Accounts, Co-working Spaces 
    • Making New Friends and Connections 


    You’ll get word-for-word scripts that you can use with your boss to negotiate a sabbatical or a remote work arrangement.


    You’ll get a library of resources dedicated to sharing the best marketplaces for finding a remote job, and a strategy for you to find a back-door into those jobs.


    You’ll get how-to guides for how to start a career in another country.


    You’ll get introductory guides to freelancing and consulting with a list of HIGH-QUALITY marketplaces - not race to the bottom places like Fiverr where you'll have to make your rates $3/hour to compete.


    You'll get sample proposals to use for bids on projects.


    You’ll get a repository of already-validated side hustle ideas that can be done from anywhere in the world.


    You’ll get a running and ever-growing list of destinations, factoring in things like friendliness to foreigners, cost of living, wifi quality, and availability of high-quality medical care.


    Now, I'm not saying it's going to be ridiculously easy. There are a lot of scams out there - a lot of people promising "financial freedom" through forex investing or MLM schemes or get-rich-quick plans by buying their crappy courses.


    I don't believe in that. If you're looking for a get-rich-quick shortcut, or a low-quality product to sell so you can cash out on other people's hopes and dreams, you should close out of this page.


    This course is for High Achievers who:

    • Are ready for the next phase of their lives and are willing to put their action behind it
    • Take pride in quality, craftsmanship and doing good work, and are simply ready to take that work mobile. 
    • Know that there is more to life than sitting at a desk paper shuffling because your boss arbitrarily decided that 40 hours a week was how long you had to be there, despite the workload. 
    • Are ambitious, and need to free up time so they can go full-force on their biggest goals. 
    • Believe that if they work hard enough, they can truly have it all.


    I'll give you the tools, but you have to do the work - no one can do it for you.


    "Someday" is a disease – if you get started today, by next year (or even a matter of months) you could be living a completely different life.


    So close your eyes, and imagine: it's this time, next year.


    Where are you?


    Where have you been?


    What have you done?


    Who have you become?


    Are you closer to living the life of your dreams, or are you stuck in the same routines?


    The choice is yours.

  • How to Build a Life Abroad and
    Travel Around the World


    The Live Coaching Course is available for 3 monthly payments of 197 or you can save $100 and pay in full today.


    The course is currently closed for enrollment but will reopen in 2020. Sign-up for the waitlist below to be notified when enrollment is opening.


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