• Do you want to work, play and live abroad?

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  • Work from Anywhere

    Imagine that you have a year to go anywhere in the world. Where would you go? What would you do?


    Would you take a wine and food tour through France, Italy and Spain?

    Learn how to scuba dive in the Thai islands?

    Visit the 7 Wonders of the World?


    It turns out - you don't have to be a travel blogger, a trust fund baby, or an influencer to get more international travel in your life. You just need to be able to work from anywhere.


    Have you ever wondered how those Instagram influencers seem like they're always on vacation? How do some people bounce through the continents while the rest of us struggle to take a 10-day trip to Cabo or Cancun?


    Throughout my travels, I've met hundreds of people who have all kinds of lifestyles and do all types of work to keep their life of travel sustainable. I've tried and tested a number of strategies, but it turns out, there are three that are best.


    They're lucrative. They're scalable. And you won't have to give up financial security or throw your career away to do them.


  • Why work from anywhere?

    Financial Freedom

    It can be hard to keep up with healthcare costs, rising rents and fun - but when you work from anywhere, you can easily move to beautiful, lower-cost destinations and 10x your savings.

    Location Freedom

    Tired of winter? Chase the summer 24/7.

    Festival you want to go to? Head that way.

    Change the forecast.

    Enrichment and Empowerment

    Immersing in a language. Understanding a new culture. Learning how to cook authentic dishes, study traditional dances, or studying the art and history. Traveling can make you a much more interesting person - and imagine the stories you'll have to tell.

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